3 lessons I learned from hiking a 14er that can be applied to the business world

Last year I climbed Pikes Peak in Colorado with my team.

It was the first time I climbed a 14er, I workout regularly so I thought it would not be a big deal – I was wrong 🙂 Hiking Pikes Peak was not an easy task and I realized how hard it was to breathe at that altitude only when I started hiking. This experience motivated me to climb more mountains (real and figurative) in the future and taught me some important lessons.

These are 3 things I learned that could be applied in other aspects of professional and personal life:

  1. Focus: staying focused on your breath and your body is critical in order to balance your energy. If you want to get to the top you need to be present at every moment of your hiking trip and make sure your listen to your body. Oxygen supply is limited at that elevation and this could lower body and mind performance. Stay focused to maximize your performance.
  2. Team communication: listening to other team members can help you learn about best practices to save energy, to eat the right food, and to find the optimal breathing technique. Your team can support you and can help you make the right decisions such as choosing the right pace and knowing when to rest.
  3. Preparation: climbing a 14er takes a lot of preparation. Our team could make it to the top because it trained for several weeks. Climbing to the top can happen only if you do the right homework before the hiking day. Having a good coach definitely helps and we had a great one on our team, who provided a great training schedule. All of our team members did great because they were prepared.

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