September 5, 2017

Innovation resources for international entrepreneurial minds

Innovation hubs and accelerators

  • International Accelerator – helping non-U.S. citizen entrepreneurs set up their U.S. company
  • Tech Ranch – it has been recognized as a 2015 Top 3 Social Impact Incubator by UBI Global and 2015 & 2016 Top 20
  • Capital Factory – The center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas
  • Y Combinator – early stage startup funding
  • 3 Day Startup – How Students Get Started, the world’s leading experiential entrepreneurship education program.

Organizations that support foreign-born entrepreneurs

  • – promotes policies that keep the U.S. competitive in a global economy, starting with fixing our broken immigration system and criminal justice reform
  • Global EIR – Through their university employment, founders get the visas they need to get back to the hard work of building great companies and raising capital
  • ATXBound – The ATXBound Partnership Provides the following to companies based in Austin, Texas and international companies: Guide, Directory, Investment Opportunities

Entrepreneurial Podcasts

  • The Accent of Us – stories of foreign born innovators in the US
  • Fire Show – Blueprints for Creators & Entrepreneurs
  • How I Built This – NPR podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built