Launching a startup in the US market – Luca Carducci

Luca Carducci is an Entrepreneur, Full-Stack Developer, and CEO @ Skaffolder.

For seven years, he worked in a big enterprise company in Italy, creating big projects for banks, insurances and public ministries. This and other past experiences allowed him to quickly figure out how much time developers and companies waste building code that already exists and how difficult it is to be updated with last technologies.

To solve this problem, Luca quit his previous job and founded Skaffolder.

Consider Skaffolder the WordPress for developers.

The platform enables you to define your database model, APIs and page of your web application, choose your best programming languages for frontend and backend and get the code on your GIT repository with just a few clicks.

The code is easy to understand and completely customizable. Companies can build their own template in order to save 30% of development time and a lot of money. 

Check out this episode!

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