The art of selling and starting multiple businesses – Ken Dunn

Over the past 20 years, Ken Dunn (@Ken_dunn) has started four major businesses in four separate industries; Property Management, Mortgage and Finance, Direct Sales and Publishing. In each business, the companies were disruptive and extremely successful, resulting in over 750 million in revenue. Ken has always created teams to support the growth of the businesses and then led the teams by generating leads and prospecting. He has traveled to countries on every continent and trained people in a dozen industries on prospecting and selling. His previous two books ‘The Most Important Minute’ and ‘Being The Change’ have sold over 300,000 copies. Ken has been featured in several books including: ‘The Greatest Networkers In The World’ and ‘Best, Worst, First’. In direct selling, he is known as one of the greatest prospectors in history. Ken has published dozens of articles on business and marketing strategies, sales and prospecting for, and many others.

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